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Session Organizers

Guidelines for Session Chairs

ACCM12 Session Chairs or invited participants are solicited and invited by members of the ACCM12 Organizing Committees.  

Session chairs are expected to organize the session program together with other Co-chairs, ideally including at least ONE co-chair from abroad.  The names of the session chairs will be listed on the web page.

The session Chairs have full authority in soliciting articles for the session and will work with ACCM committee in the paper review process.

It is unfortunate that there will be no financial subsistence provided for  session chairs and all invitees. All the ACCM12 participants including session chairs and invitees are required to register and pay registration fee.

Please pay attention to the following steps for a successful session. You will be also reminded by ACCM12 OFFICE step-by-step in due dates.

1. Compose and Publicize Your Session Description

2. Invite High-profile Experts in Your Field

The most important step to a successful session is to collect high-valued technical contributions from your colleagues, who are leading a team and/or working in the proposed research field. You are suggested to remind your invitees about ACCM policy of no financial subsistence in advance.

Invited Speakers
Invited Speakers need to be approved by ACCM12 Technical Program Committee in advance.
Kindly be aware that each participant should complete the registration process for the symposium and pay non-refundable registration fee. There is no financial subsistence provided for our invitees. All the expenses will be borne by the participants. The invited talk should be presented by invited speaker and cannot be presented by other co-authors.
Please download the nomination form for invited speakers and email to ACCM12 OFFICE no later than the pre-registration deadline.

Nomination of Invited Speakers should be submitted one month before pre-registration deadline. You are strongly advised to plan the invited speakers and submit the nomination form early before abstract submission deadline, to avoid the submission peak.

3. Remind Invitees to Submit abstracts

Do send out emails to invite and remind your colleagues to join your session by selecting your session in Online Abstract Submission process. Full-length paper is not required by ACCM12.

4. Review Abstracts and Quality Control

After all submissions have been processed, ACCM12 OFFICE will remind you to review all submissions in your session. Usually, in order for the participants to apply for fund or visa, abstract acceptance notice will be sent out within a few days after the submission deadline, thus the authors can download the invitation letters in the Author Center.

To ensure the good quality of oral talks, you can remove those unwanted talks which you think unsuitable for your session. ACCM scientific committee will also make necessary suggestion on your session about quality control. Quality control should be done before the pre-registration deadline.

5. Review Full-length Papers

You will be requested to review the extended papers in your session via email. Please return your review comments within 2 weeks.

6. Organize Session Program

ACCM12 OFFICE will remind the author to finish registration before scheduling the program. After the registration deadline, program will be scheduled according to the number of registered talks in each session. To avoid NO SHOW, only registered papers will be scheduled in the program. You can also help to remind the author to register the talk in your session before you finalize the session program. Usually, you can arrange the paper order and assign session chairs after the preliminary program is available and before the program is finalized one month before conference dates.

At the end of the conference, Best Session Organizing Award will be selected based on the overall quality of the session by the ACCM committee.

We reserve the right to update the guidelines for Session Organizers from time to time by updating our website. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our guideline practices.

This guideline was last updated on March 10, 2022.