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Focus Sessions

Focus & Special Sessions for ACCM12

20 sessions have been set for ACCM12. Each Session should be focused on a specific hot topic that must be timely and reflect the future trends or the latest scientific advances in the area. The leadership of the conference will select the topics of focus sessions and the responsible organizers. The organizers may adjust the title of the focus session to make it e.g. more specific/focused and should make the best effort to ensure the high quality of the session.

Materials Science

Session 1.  Polymer Matrix Composites

Session Chair:  Prof. Zhongzhen YU, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Qiang FU, Sichuan University

Session Co-Chair:Prof. Yongjin LI, Hangzhou Normal University

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Session 2.  Metal Matrix Composites

Session Chair: Prof. Lujun Huang, Harbin Institute of Technology

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Bolv XIAO, Institute of metal research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Chunnian HE, Tianjin University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Dingbang XIONG, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Sergey ZHEREBTSOV, Belgorod State University, Russia

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Session 3.  Ceramic Matrix Composites

Session Chair: Prof. Xinghong ZHANG, Harbin Institute of Technology

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Guojun ZHANG,Donghua University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Dewei NI, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,CAS

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Session 4.  Carbon Composites

Session Chair: Prof. Qiangang FU, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Yanwu ZHU,University of Science and Technology of China

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Quan-Hong YANG,Tianjin University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Jiaqi ZHU,Harbin Institute of Technology 

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Nianjun YANG, University of Siegen, Germany 

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Session 5.  Textile-Based Composites

Session Chair: Research Prof. Diansen LI, Beihang University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Qingqing NI,Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

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Functional Composites

Session 6.  Natural Fibers / Green Composites

Session Chair: Prof. Yan LI, Tongji University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Renhui QIU, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

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Session 7.  Nanocomposites

Session Chair: Prof. Tianxi LIU, Jiangnan University

Session Chair: Prof. Bin DING, Donghua University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Qunfeng CHENG,Beihang University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Soo-Jin Park, Inha UniversitySouth Korea

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Session 8.  Meta-Composites

Session Chair: Prof. Runhua FAN, Shanghai Maritime University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Weiqiu CHEN, Zhejiang University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Yongzheng WEN, Tsinghua University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Qinghua QIN, Xi’an Jiaotong University 

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Session 9.  Multi-Functional / Smart Composites

Session Chair: Prof. Zhongming LI, Sichuan University

Session Co-Chair: Assistant Professor Bo LI, Villanova University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Kun DAI,Zhengzhou University

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Session 10.  Thermal / Fire Retardant Composites

Session Chair: Prof. Wei YANG, Sichuan University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Xi SHEN, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Haibo ZHAO, Sichuan University 

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Pingan SONG, University of Southern Queensland

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Session 11 Automated Manufacturing

Session Chair: Prof. Yingjie XU, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Session Co-Chair:Prof. Hui CHENG, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Philippe Boisse, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA Lyon)

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Session 12 Out-of-Autoclave Process

Session Chair: Prof. Kevin Potter, University of Bristol, UK.

Session Chair: Prof. Min LI, Beihang University

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Weijun CUI,Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China 

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Quansheng MA,Weihai Guangwei Composites Co.,Ltd

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Session 13 3/4D Printing and Emerging Technologies

Session Chair: Prof. Xin LIN, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Dongdong GU,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Xiaoyong TIAN,Xi’An Jiaotong University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Chunze YAN, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

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Simulation & Testing

Session 14 Optimization Design/ Modeling and Simulation

Session Chair: Prof. Xitao ZHENG, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Chunhui WANG,The University of New South Wales

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Xiaohua NIE,Aircraft Strength Research Institute of China

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Session 15 Testing and Evaluations

Session Chair: Dr. Shengchun YANG, Aircraft Strength Research Institute

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Jiande LIU, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Jifeng XU,COMAC Beijing Aircraft Technology Research Institute 

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Xuefeng YAO,Tsinghua University

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Session 16 Failure Criteria and Verification

Session Chair: Prof. Zhengming HUANG, Tongji University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Jianxiang WANG,Peking University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Raj Das,Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

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Session 17 Engineering Applications(Aerospace,Civil Infrastructure, Transportation and Wind Energy)

Session Chair: Dr. Zhongmin XUE, Sinoma Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Peng FENG,Tsinghua University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Jihui WANG,Wuhan University of Technology

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Session 18 Biomedical Applications

Session Chair: Prof. Jian SHEN, Nanjing University / Nanjing Normal University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Yizao WAN,East China Jiaotong University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Yudong ZHENG,University of Science and Technology Beijing

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Shibin WANG,Huaqiao University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Yin XIAO,Queensland University of Technology

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Session 19 Emerging Applications (Absorption, Shielding, Cloaking, Sensing, Actuating etc.)

Session Chair: Prof. Jianguo GUAN, Wuhan University of Technology

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Huanyang CHEN,Xiamen University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Shutao WANG, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry CAS

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Jintao ZHU,Huazhong University of Science & Technology

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Session 20 Composites Repair, Self-healing, Recycling and Machining

Session Chair: Prof. Mingqiu ZHANG, Sun Yat-Sen University

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Jinglei YANG,Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Session Co-Chair: Prof. Hesheng XIA,Sichuan University

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