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Presenters Onsite

Guidelines for Presenters Onsite

Kindly be aware that this is not the final version and the Guidelines for presenters may be slightly adjusted. Please do check the guidelines again before the conference week. The followings are guidelines for ACCM12 in Hangzhou.

Onsite Oral Presentations

1. Load and TEST presentation files in advance

Onsite Oral Presenters must upload and test presentation files in the onsite ACCM12 OFFICE no later than 12 hours before the scheduled talk. Presenters are not allowed to detach the session computer and attach their own notebook/laptop to the LCD projector in session room. 

2. Presentation files Format

PDF, Microsoft Office PowerPoint are recommended. Movies or animations in MPEG, Windows Media, and etc, should be tested in ACCM12 computer in ACCM12 OFFICE no later than half-day before the session.

3. USB disk

Presentation files in USB disk are acceptable by onsite ACCM12 Computer.

4. Report to Session Chair

Onsite Presenters are required to report to their session chairs at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their session.

5. Onsite Oral Talk Time Limit

Please find the following suggested time

Keynote Talk: Total 30 minutes

Invited Talk: Total 20 minutes

Contributed Talk: Total 15 minutes

All oral presentations, including questions and answers, should be less than the given minutes.

6. DO NOT change presentation sequence

Session Chairs, please be present in the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session and must strictly observe the starting time and time limit of each paper and refrain from changing paper presentation sequence.