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Presenters Online

Guidelines for Presenters Online

Kindly be aware that this is not the final version and the Guidelines for presenters may be slightly adjusted. Please do check the guidelines again before the conference week. The followings are guidelines for ACCM12 in Hangzhou.

Online Oral Presentations

Upload pre-recorded video by 15 April, 2023
Online Oral Presenters can upload a pre-recorded video in the submission system. Each uploaded video will be checked by ACCM12 OFFICE. 

Upload Method

you can view a "Academic task confirmation" menu in ACCM12 PERSONAL CENTER.

Please check your Academic Task information and click "Task Confirmation

Then click "Upload Video" to upload your pre-recorded video. 

Please see the Picture Sample below


Video File Format
Your final video file should be in the MP4 format

No more than 500 Mb.

Online Talk Limit and Video Duration
Please find the following suggested time to record your video.
Online Keynote Talk: Total 30 minutes - including (25 mins video + 5 mins Q&A)
Online Invited Talk: Total 20 minutes -  including (17 mins video + 3 mins Q&A)
Online Contributed Talk: Total 15 minutes - including (12 mins video + 3 min Q&A)